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PostSubject: Stroyline Addon   Stroyline Addon EmptyThu Feb 04, 2010 7:11 am

I noticed there was some stuff left about about biolab 4, So in my spare time i thought up this...

Cytocorp had a reason for the construction of biolab 4. It was the lead weapons and cloning lab, But why? A few miles under the Biolab 4 site will explain everything... A few thousand years ago. The earth was facing a similar problem. War ravaged the earth, A war much like this one. A ancient group sought to end this war by creating the ultimate creature, An enforcer of good, A perfect "God". There technology was more advanced then cytocorps. They conducted there secret experiment miles under ground where nobody would ever find them. One day something went wrong, It is uncertain exactly what happened, but all the scientists died before there "God" was finished. After many years, Cytocorp found the entrance to this place. When a scouting party was sent down and never returned, Zie knew there was something down there. He sent an army down to investigate and after many weeks of searching, they found something. The semi-finished frozen body of a huge monster inside a huge room. They found a half-broken terminal that held just a little bit of information on what was going on down here. He instantly knew this monster would lead him to victory in the war against the rebellion. Biolab 4 was created above this underground lair. Even though Zie's biolab 4 exists right next to the elevator to this underground superstructure, cytocorp still hasn't captured it. The "True" biolab was still completely infested with the infected bodies of the solders and scientists. Any search party who went in, wont always come out.

So this basically says is that biolab 4 is said to be just another whatever biolab that just got lucky and found good methods of making weapons. But it secretly has connections with a high-tech lab 1000 years old. Even though cytocorp has the monsters body, they haven't yet completed it. The hard part is that they are to low tech to complete it. So small search parties are sent into the true biolab in order to obtains information on completing it.

Once Bishop learns of this creature, He knows he must stop its creation before its to late. But the problem is, he has no clue where the body is. This creature will serve as the final boss


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